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Grinding and Milling Machinery

The Grinding And Milling Machinery is offered by us that are two common machining processes performed in the manufacturing industry. They both involve the removal of material from a workpiece, and they both support a wide variety of materials. The milling machine contains cutting operations at the corners of the cutting tool, and the peripheral milling machines include cutting operations around the cutting tool. Grinding is a part of cutting. The Grinding And Milling Machinery is offered by us in various specifications.


Acm Machine
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Established in year 2000, we are one of promising manufacturers and suppliers of Acm Machine. It is a refrigeration unit of environmental control system used in pressurized gas turbine aircraft. A usual compression, cooling, and expansion seen in a refrigeration cycle is accomplished by ACM by a centrifugal compressor, two air-to-air heat exchangers, and an expansion turbine. We provide a wide range of Acm Machine that includes simple cycle consisting of a turbine and a fan on common shaft, Two-wheeler bootstrap, three-wheeler bootstrap, and a four-wheeler with two turbines.

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Acm Machine

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