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Grinding and Milling Machinery

The Grinding And Milling Machinery is offered by us that are two common machining processes performed in the manufacturing industry. They both involve the removal of material from a workpiece, and they both support a wide variety of materials. The milling machine contains cutting operations at the corners of the cutting tool, and the peripheral milling machines include cutting operations around the cutting tool. Grinding is a part of cutting. The Grinding And Milling Machinery is offered by us in various specifications.


Attritor Mill
Product Type
Voltage 415 v
Capacity 100 kg to 500 kg
Power 7.5 hp to 25 hp

An Attritor Mill is a highly efficient mechanical mill with multiple rotors mounted on a vertical shaft. The construction is modular, providing great versatility for customized design. Attritor is used for producing fine & homogenous dispersions quickly & repeatedly under controlled conditions. It will produce material with mean particle sizes below 20 microns and can be fitted with an integral dynamic classifier. Attritors work ten times faster than ball mills. The Attritor Mill is made for use in the various industries as per the need.

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Attritor Mill